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We love music. And we love guitars.

Guitarspotting features in-depth articles about rock n’ roll music, including rock, blues, metal, jazz, and a whole host of other sordid types of music. We also provide reviews on various high-quality crafted acoustic and electric guitars, based both on our own experience as well as that of other musicians, along with a lot of detailed research.

For many of us, music is a passion, and for some of us, a necessity. The guitar is one of our greatest inventions, and we want to celebrate the fun and joy people get out of playing and listening to music. Because whether you’re playing lead guitar, singing along to a record, or even just drumming your fingers on the dashboard, you are musicking. Now you’re part of the performance, just like music is an important part of our lives.

You’ve probably heard of the big guitar manufacturers, like Gibson, Epiphone and Fender. And they definitely make some quality guitars. They also get more than their fair share of hype and praise. But there are other guitar manufacturers out there as well, crafting beautiful, high-quality guitars, that you may not know so much about. Because they don’t get nearly as much attention.

In addition to some of the most popular models, we’ll shine the spotlight on some lesser known guitars, made by companies like Taylor. Seagull. Yamaha. Alvarez. Guild. Godin. Rainsong. Blueridge. Hagstrom. And a whole lot more.

If you love music and guitars like we do, you’ll want to make sure you have as much information at your disposal as possible, in order to “spot” the guitar that’s perfect for you.

We definitely have lots of cool stuff planned for 2017.

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