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25 Weird, Awesome & Cool Guitars

awesome guitarsI think we can probably agree that all guitars are cool. So what we’re looking for here are weird, awesome, cool guitars that really strike a chord.

We compiled a list of 25 of the most interesting and unique guitars we could find, covering a wide range of styles and shapes.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go check ’em out! (more…)

g&l tribute fallout review

G&L Tribute Fallout Review – An Impressive Range of Tones

G&L Tribute Fallout Review

g&l tribute falloutThe G&L Tribute Fallout guitar was designed to appeal to a wide variety of guitarists.

It’s a cool looking electric guitar with a versatile sound, and loads of character. It’s light and comfortable, with a surprisingly sophisticated range of tones and textures due to its dual pickups and overall smart design.

It’s a modern version of G&L’s 1980s-era SC-2 guitar, designed by Leo Fender. It shares the same slim and contoured body shape and overall concept, though the design has been tweaked slightly to adhere to modern standards.

Overall, the G&L Fallout guitar is simply fun to play, providing a slightly thicker sound and harder edge than the SC-2. (more…)

rock concerts 2016

Rock Concerts 2016 – The Summer of Live

Rock Concerts 2016 – The Summer of Live

live music 2016I used to go to rock concerts all the time. But lately? Not so much, for a number of reasons.

Well, I recently took a look at the upcoming summer concert listings in my area, and was blown away by the number of interesting acts currently out on the road.

They say rock and roll is dead, but you wouldn’t know it based on the wide variety of options available to concert-goers in 2016. At least that’s what my wallet is saying. (more…)

guild m-75 aristocrat review

Guild m-75 Aristocrat Review – A Fun, Premium Guitar

Guild m-75 Aristocrat Review

guild m-75 aristocratThe Guild m-75 Aristocrat is a chambered hollowbody electric guitar, with a size and shape similar to a Les Paul.

It’s compact and lightweight, and was specifically designed to produce the resonance and tone of a much larger instrument. It has a full and clean, bright sound, and can be used to play many different musical styles.

The modern m-75 Aristocrat was released as part of the Guild Newark St. Collection, a group of eight iconic Guild guitars that were reissued in 2013, based on original vintage models from the 1950s and 1960s. (more…)

the monkees facts

11 Amazing Facts About the Monkees

monkees factsThe Monkees TV show debuted on NBC the evening of September 12, 1966. It’s now 50 years later, and the Monkees are as popular as ever.

The 4 band members always shared a chemistry together that simply cannot be replicated, and they’ve re-grouped in various formations over the years for tours, albums, and other assorted projects.

Sadly, Davy Jones passed away in 2012, but Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork are still going strong. (more…)

hagstrom viking deluxe

Hagstrom Viking Review – Attack of the Killer Tone

hagstrom vikingThe Hagstrom Viking is a popular semi-hollowbody electric guitar, and part of Hagstrom’s Vintage Series.

Current models are based on the original Viking design, which was first launched in 1965.

The Viking has a cool, distinctive look, and produces excellent sound for a wide range of musical genres, including blues, jazz, and rock. (more…)

taylor 110e review

Taylor 110e Review – The Smart Way to Get That Taylor Tone

Taylor 110e Review

taylor 110 e reviewIn this Taylor 110e review, we take a look at why this dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar provides quality and value through its unique combination of sound, build and design elements.

The 110e is an excellent choice for both beginner and intermediate guitarists, and can also be enjoyed by more advanced players.

It’s got excellent sound quality compared to other guitars in this price range, and the Taylor name will help it retain value for years to come. (more…)

parlor guitars

Everything You Need to Know About the Parlor Guitar

What is a Parlor Guitar?

best parlor guitarYou’ve probably heard the term before, but exactly what is a parlor guitar?

In this article, you’ll learn that they’re small guitars. And they’re cool. They can produce surprisingly good sound. And there’s a lot more of ’em out there than you think.

You’ll also find a Buyer’s Guide section, where we review 10 of the most interesting, high-quality parlor guitars on the market today. (more…)

seagull s6 review

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar – What You Need to Know

Seagull S6 Review

seagull s6In this Seagull S6 review, we’ll explore the sound, tone and build, discuss the pros and cons, and consider whether this is the right guitar for you.

Because if you’re thinking about getting a new acoustic guitar, it should definitely be on your radar.

You’ll discover that due to its great sound, high-quality craftsmanship, and excellent overall value, it makes a fine choice for both entry-level and intermediate guitarists, and is one of the best options currently available in this price range.